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September 7, 2020

Traveling on a budget and saving on fees

Saving up to 20% on booking fees!

Many owners and managers choose to use vacation rental listing sites to increase the activity they’re already getting on their own websites. In fact, it can be a great way to grow your audience, get more guests looking at your rental and bring you more bookings.

Many fail to take in the consideration of cost when applying to get their vacation rental listed. While some of them are free to use, others come with a price ticket – usually at yours or your guest’s expense.

That’s why we’ve built this site for to all the major (and niche) vacation rental websites out there. Many guests want to save money when on vacation so they can spend more on activities.

One testimonial, among many, about increased booking service fees is this one:

I use to use vrbo for all my Florida rentals. Loved dealing with the owners who gave me great deals for monthly rentals . It was a win win, they had solid booking for the month, less cleaning fees etc and we had a great deal. Met wonderful people! So sad it’s changed so much Hard to find owners now with no middle man.


Booking direct with owners is fast becoming an alternative to going through expensive booking sites. No real communication gets to happen until a guests books. Sites keep it this way so people do not just book direct with owners and cut the sites out of the commission.

More and more vacationers these days enjoy staying at vacation rental homes rather than hotels. In fact, reports show that between 50 and 60 percent of people in the United States plan to stay in a vacation rental in the next year.

Vacation rentals are popular because they deliver a more authentic, home-like vacation experience. Based on a recent survey reported by, 47 percent of people book vacation properties for this reason.

However, the same survey reveals that even more people book vacation home rentals because they offer greater value for the dollar. According to the survey, when compared to hotels, people turn to vacation rentals because they provide:

  • More living space (71%)
  • Lower rates (62%)
  • Better amenities (53%)

Rental properties have become a great alternative for vacationers seeking value and a quality travel experience.

Vacation home rental

These fees are significant and range from approximately 5 to 15% percent of the total vacation home rental cost. They’re usually charged on a sliding scale based on the price of the booking. That means consumers who are seeking value are likely getting hit with the highest percentage in fees!