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No Booking Fees Vacation Rental Homes for Guests

September 21, 2016 by ccbass007

No Booking Fees For Guest/Traveler:

You can now save hundreds of dollars on your next great vacation by booking through No Booking Fee Vacation Homes Rental By Owners instead of the big box listing sites, like VRBO, HomeAway and Airbnb, who charge you a traveler service fee to book and pay through their website.

It’s easy, find your perfect rental home, then book direct with the owner/manager and save money. No 3rd party commissions charged to owners, no guest booking fees. Contact information clearly listed or register and sign in to send contact form. No booking fee vacation rental homes save the traveler and host from paying unnecessary booking fees.

PLEASE NOTE: Some listing sites also charge the owners a hefty percentage/fee for each booking travelers don’t see. We do not. Reducing this burden helps vacation home owners pass the savings on to their guests!

Simply signup and login to contact vacation rental owners to book direct. The way it should be.

No more:

  • Excessive Booking Fees
  • Service Fees
  • Annoying Pop-ups
  • Up-sells and add on’s
  • Bait and switch pricing
  • Clunky forced app use

Below is a sample of what online travel sites charge when you book through them. It adds up fast. Save money booking direct.

**Note: Guests see how adding on 3rd party booking fees leaves less money to spend on vacation. Some big listing sites add up to 15% from the traveler or host which is added on to total rental cost.


Guest Fees Host Fees Listing Fees
Airbnb Guests pay a booking fee of 6-12%, depending on the total of the reservation amount Airbnb hosts pay 3% of the total booking to Airbnb Listing a property on Airbnb is free
TripAdvisor Guests pay a booking fee of 5-15%, depending on the total cost of the rental FlipKey hosts can either list for free and pay FlipKey 3%. FlipKey hosts can either list for free and pay 3% per booking.
HomeAway/VRBO Guests pay a booking fee of 4-10%, but the fee is capped at $499 HomeAway hosts can choose to either pay an annual subscription fee or an 8% pay-per-booking fee (this is 10% if you are overseas.) Hosts pay an annual subscription fee of $349 if the property has online booking and $499 if it does not.
Wimdu Guests pay a 15% booking fee Wimdu hosts pay Wimdu a 3% processing fee Listing a property on Wimdu is free
9Flats Guests do not pay a booking fee 9Flats hosts pay 15% of the total booking to 9Flats Listing a property on 9Flats is free
CanadaStays Guests pay a booking fee of 8%. Annual subscription customers pay a yearly fee of $349 Canadian dollars plus a 3% on each booking. Pay per booking customers pay a 10% commission on each booking. Listing a property on CanadaStays is free for pay per booking customers and $349 for annual subscription customers.
Bedycasa Guests pay no booking fee Bedycasa hosts pay 15% of the total booking to Bedycasa and have the option of including this fee in their listing’s displayed price Listing a property on Bedycasa is free
Luxury Retreats Guests are subject to a government tax for the property that ranges from 5-15%. Hosts pay a certain commission per booking that is determined by Luxury Retreats. Listing your property on Luxury Retreats is free.
only-apartments A commission of 15-21% is included in the total price that a guest sees. Property owners do not have to pay a commission. Listing your rental on only-apartments is free.
Perfect Places Guests do not have to pay service fees, but local and cleaning fees may apply. Owners are not charged commission when a booking is made. Owners pay a monthly membership fee of $14.95, and can pay for up to 2 years at a time for a discounted rate.
RedAwning Guests do not pay a booking fee. Owners get full distribution to all major online travel websites + reservation services for flat fee of 20% (inclusive channel costs and credit card fees) Free. No added fees.
VacayHero Travelers are charged an unspecified service fee which is rolled into the total displayed amount. Owners are not charged a commission. Owners can list their rental for free.
VayStays Guests pay a fee of 7-12% on the booking, depending on the total amount. VayStays charges an 8.5% commission rate on each booking made. Listing your property is free on VayStays.

**Terms and conditions subject to change. All site users verify they are the legal owner(s) and provide secure online payments or other means acceptable to both parties.