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January 27, 2021

No Booking Fee Vacation Rentals | Huge Pent-up Demand To Travel

Vacation Rentals Back in Demand? Oh Yes

For the state’s tourism industry and vacation rentals, 2019 was a very good year. But 2020, not so much in some vacation rental industry specific locations and general areas.

Travel demand drop nearly by half, costing many thousands of jobs, members of the state’s Tourism Boards were told during their quarterly meetings and outlook planning.

100,000’s industry workers as of November were still active beneficiaries of unemployment insurance, But, there was “reason to be hopeful” about the outlook for the rest of 2021. With the Covid Vaccine becoming available to many more people will make a marked difference.

A recent survey, he said, found that 92 percent of people that responded said they “missed travel very much or somewhat,” and approx. 86 percent said they hoped to take a trip within the next six months.

There’s a lot of pent-up demand, and when travel does come back, top destination areas will be bustling. he said, citing survey results that found 85 percent of respondents would consider a New York vacation, the highest figure in the Northeast.

If you’ve canceled your summer vacation traveling, you’re probably dreaming about your next fun adventure. As well as a lot of other like minded travelers.

Vacation Rentals Poised To Thrive

One of the hardest-hit yet resilient section of the markets during the global pandemic has been vacation rentals. Over the past year, people have been restricted from traveling. As restrictions lift, it will help with the hotel and short-term vacation rental industries that have been having a hard time recovering.

All this means there’s a ton of pent-up demand for travel, meaning investors who own vacation rentals in top destinations across the U.S. — and even the world — will benefit. With more and more travelers booking direct to avoid fees, cost savings will be a top priority. Vacation properties in areas with a great history as a vacation destination, that are somewhat easy to travel to will be desirable. When they offer competitive or unique features for guests compared to motels and hotels can expect high demand and likely increased rental prices in the coming year.

Florida Vacation Rentals By Owner

Florida has always been a great destination while on vacation. They have been hindered by the restrictions, but have faired much better than most hard hit areas. With great weather and a welcoming atmosphere, a Florida destination vacation is always a breath of fresh air. Whether its lounging on a beach, fishing, eating or shopping, Florida stands ready to please.

If your planning a vacation trip to Florida and need some Florida vacation rentals to check out go here Florida vacation homes.

Not just for retirees and theme park enthusiasts. Florida is known as the Sunshine State which offers many miles of beautiful beaches, pristine diving conditions, and sizzling nightlife. Dance the night away in a fashionable Miami club, or swing away at one of Kissimmee’s many premium golf courses. How about an airboat tour of the Everglades is an unforgettable adventure – just make sure to look out for alligators! For the risk-averse, a lazy day spent on the soft sands of an Emerald Coast beach and fine dining is as rejuvenating as a spa treatment.

As everyone holds their collective breath to see what the future holds, one things for certain: We all luv to travel(most anyway) 🙂 ciao

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